We are Katie and Lee Humerian and we are Josiah Venture missionaries to Ukraine.

Josiah Venture is a non-profit organization that envisions a movement of God among the youth of Central and Eastern Europe that finds its home in the local church and transforms society. JV seeks to do this by equipping young leaders to fulfill Christ’s commission through the local church. Josiah Venture is in 13 countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia & Ukraine

There are 32.5 million young people in Central & Eastern Europe. Only 1% have a personal relationship with Jesus. Josiah Venture seeks to equip the 1% and reach the 99% through various discipleship ministries including English and music camps, performing arts and sports ministries – all partnered with local churches to help build healthy, reproducing communities of believers.

Our Ministry

One of these ministries is called EXIT Tour. EXIT ministry works in and through the local church to provide ethics courses and put on Christian rock concerts in schools. Through this avenue, they’re able to share the gospel message, lead young people to Jesus, and help them get plugged into a church for greater discipleship. We will be helping launch EXIT Tour in Ukraine.

We will be living in the city of Lviv. There, along with EXIT Tour, we will be investing in the youth ministry at a local church, learning the language (Ukrainian), training and discipling young people, and building a strong foundation of relationships.

Join the Movement

Our goal is to be on the ground in Lviv by Summer 2017. In order to do that, we need a team of partners. We see every person on this team as a co-worker with us in Christ’s service (1 Cor. 3:9). There are three ways you can partner with us and our ministry through Josiah Venture:

• Prayer: We are in deep need of a community of prayer supporters. We cannot do this apart from prayer and would love your partnership on this journey. If you would like to commit to pray for us regularly, please subscribe to our email newsletter by clicking here.

• Advocacy: This involves getting the word out about our ministry. There are many ways to advocate: You can hand out our prayer cards, host a support-raising event in your home, or connect us with people, groups or churches who would like to hear more about our ministry through Josiah Venture.

• Giving: We also need to raise financial support for Josiah Venture. We have both monthly and one-time expenses. The monthly amount will cover our cost-of-living expenses as well as our ministry expenses. The one-time amount will cover things such as relocation expenses, a vehicle, visas, and training. You can partner with our ministry through Josiah Venture financially through monthly donations, or a one-time gift. Would you prayerfully consider giving?

If you decide to support us financially, you can give online at this link: https://josiahventure.webconnex.com/1210380.

If you’d prefer to give by mail, please print, fill-out and mail this response slip with a check to Josiah Venture, or print, fill out and mail this Electronic Funds Transfer form.

Mail Support Address:
Josiah Venture
ATTN: Humerian Account #210380
P.O. Box 4317
Wheaton IL 60189

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and considering partnering with our ministry through Josiah Venture in Ukraine!