January Recap

Love Europe Celebration Evening
As some of you know, this past summer we led a team of 7 people to Odessa, Ukraine to partner with Josiah Venture and a local church in putting on a music and arts camp. Our team was one of 24 teams that EV Free Fullerton sent out as a part of an initiative called Love Europe. These 24 teams served in 12 European countries and 32 European cities – a total of 221 people were a part of these teams! The celebration night was a time to hear about what God did in and through these 24 teams and trips. Towards the end of the evening, we were brought up on stage along with 2 other couples that are preparing to head overseas into the mission field. They had us share where we are going and what we are doing before praying for us. This was a true blessing – we felt very loved and cared for by our EV Free family. To hear our story and others from the 24 different Love Europe trips, please click here.

Lee’s Last Phinehas Show
On Saturday, January 21st, Lee played his last show with Phinehas. He had been in the band for nearly nine years, so it was a bittersweet time to be sure. It’s difficult for him to step away from the ministry he’s been so passionate about for nearly a third of his life, but he’s so incredibly excited to be partnering with God’s movement in Ukraine! The best part about the final show was that many family and friends were able to attend and send him off well. It will certainly be a night he will never forget!

Lee performing at his last show with Phinehas

EV Free Missionaries In Training
We were privileged to participate in our first monthly meeting with fellow EV Free missionaries in training. It was a great evening of meeting other folks in a similar stage of life – developing partnerships, anticipating departure for the mission field, and preparing for a whole lot of transition. We shared stories, sang praise songs, studied a portion of scripture, and prayed for each other – it was a really moving night!

Training & Departure Schedule
Once Easter (April 16th) hits, we enter a very busy season. We will move out of our place, then fly to Europe on April 18th. After a few days of vacation, we will fly to Poland for some EXIT Tour training. We will then meet up with the Czech EXIT team to witness an EXIT Tour first-hand.

We fly home April 29th, get some sleep, then drive out to Colorado Springs for the beginning of 4-weeks at Missionary Training International. We’ll be doing language acquisition training, learning practical skills and preparing for building relationships overseas.

We’ll graduate from MTI on May 27th, then drive back to California. We’ll spend a couple weeks with our families and friends, then depart for the mission field in mid-June. It will be a busy couple months, but we are very excited for the work God will do in our hearts and heads!

How To Pray
•Funds: Without having this specific goal in mind, God has provided 25% of our monthly need each month. We have grown a lot in the practice of praying bold prayers! We are currently at 65% of our monthly need. Would you pray with us that God would provide an additional 10% by Tuesday, January 31st? This would bring us to 75%!
•EXIT Tour in Ukraine: The Ukraine team will be doing an EXIT Tour in Lviv the week of February 13th-17th. Pray for a great partnership to be developed with the school district in order to further the EXIT program. Also pray that students would have open hearts to hear the gospel and would get connected to local churches.

Thank you so much for your bold prayers! Your prayers do not go unanswered and God has provided in so many big ways! We cannot thank you enough for praying on our behalf. If you feel led by God, please consider joining our financial support team by clicking the “Giving Link” in the top right corner of this page. If you know others who might be interested in joining with us through prayer or finances, please feel free to give them our contact information or forward them this email.

God bless!

Katie and Lee Humerian

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