We Hit 100% of Our Monthly Need!

At the time of our last email update (January 27th), we were at 65% of our monthly need. One of our prayer requests in that email was that we would hit 75% by the end of January. However, in the email we sent out on January 10th, our request to you was a bit bolder: Pray that we would have 100% of our monthly need committed by February (which would be a gain of 50%). All the way back during orientation (beginning of October), we boldly prayed that once we started developing ministry partnerships we would raise 100% of our monthly need in 100 days.

God didn’t just provide us with 75% of our monthly need by the end of January, he provided us with 100%! We started support raising on October 30th and hit 100% on January 31st.

94 days.

Even with our boldest prayers, God did more than we asked for or honestly could even imagine! We are still in awe. Thank you for boldly praying with great faithfulness in our God. Join us in praising the Lord for His gracious providence!

What Happens Next
If anyone is still interested in joining our team financially, we are still accepting monthly donations. Any additional monthly gifts will go directly into our ministry account and be used to propel our ministry forward. There will be new projects related to EXIT Tour that will need funding (i.e. buying sound equipment for the concerts where the gospel is shared, ministry expansion, etc.), and any additional monthly contributions will go towards that. As far as our outgoing need, by the grace of God we are at 72%. This will grow as committed monthly gifts are received, but if anyone feels moved to expedite that with a one-time gift, you can partner with us financially by clicking here.

We will continue to build our partnerships with people and churches for both prayer and financial support. Just yesterday we were able to connect with a church in San Diego! Any church partnership may also open the door for potential short-term teams to come serve in Ukraine, which is really exciting and something to continue to pray towards.

Josiah Venture Prayer Room
One of the ways we have been growing during this support raising journey is through prayer. We have been challenged to pray boldly, to surrender this process to God, to praise Him in all circumstances and to wait for His provision in His timing and in His way.

One of the ways JV is entering into growing through prayer is through something called the Prayer Room. It is an online experience that includes being walked through different elements of prayer and current ministry requests from missionaries in all 13 JV countries. The Prayer Room exists to mobilize 365 days of 24-hour uninterrupted prayer for the youth of Central and Eastern Europe. To find out more about the prayer room, click here. You can also read about the Moravian movement that started a 24/7 prayer chain that lasted for 100 years! Click on the video below to hear about the JV prayer room and the Moravian prayer movement.

The Prayer Room – Josiah Venture from Josiah Venture on Vimeo.

Join the watch! josiahventure.com/pray
To sign up for the prayer room, create a username and password, then visit the calendar to select a one hour slot. For the hour, you will either a computer or a smartphone with just an internet connection. If you like to pray with calm background music, we recommend turning the sound on when you go through the hour.

How To Pray
•Partnerships: Please pray that God would guide us in developing partnerships with people and churches. We know God has specifically provided each partner we currently have. Pray for wisdom as we continue to share about JV and what God is doing in Ukraine.
•Busy Season: February will be a busy month for us. Lee will be on tour for a week doing sound for a band and we both will be participating in spiritual retreats on different weekends through Grace Lutheran Church. Please pray that those retreats will be refreshing and for times of rest in the midst of a busy month.
•EXIT Tour in Ukraine: Please continue to pray for the upcoming EXIT Tour in Lviv the week of February 13th-17th. Pray for a great partnership to be developed with the school district and that students would hear the gospel and turn their lives towards Christ.

Thank you so much for your prayers and for your financial gifts to Josiah Venture! We are so incredibly blessed to have you all as supporters on our journey to Ukraine. You all are our co-laborers (1 Cor 3:9) in what God is doing in Ukraine!

Katie and Lee Humerian

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