EXIT Tour Ukraine LAUNCH!

On February 13th – 17th, the Josiah Venture Ukraine Team launched it’s first official week of EXIT Tour! This week was a huge answer to prayer for JV Ukraine. When the idea to bring EXIT Tour to Ukraine developed, there was a question as to whether the typically traditional Orthodox culture of Ukraine would even allow an evangelical organization into schools, let alone allow them to run a full-day program.

God was on the move, though! When the team contacted the Lviv School District to ask for permission to bring EXIT Tour to all 134 schools in Lviv (including 86 secondary schools), their request was approved! During the week of EXIT in February, the Ukraine team (along with some help from other countries’ EXIT team members) had a chance to prove to the district that they’d made the right decision with programs in 4 different schools.

Each morning, a band from the UK called Faith Child kicked off the school day with a concert. This took place in the gym and had students having a blast!

EXIT Tour kick-off at School 99, the largest school in Lviv
(Schools in Ukraine don’t have names, only numbers)

Another one of the morning concerts – great crowd interaction!

Concert at School 54

School 78 concert selfie!

After the concert, the JV team dispersed into different classrooms to give ethics talks on topics such as personalities and bullying. These classes provided teachable moments and opportunities for the JV team to build relationships with the students. The team also invited everyone to an after-school follow-up event at local churches as well as to a full-blown Faith Child concert at the end of the week.

Our friends Yustyna (Ukrainian JV intern) & Kristy (JV missionary) giving a talk.

Chris (JV missionary) giving a talk at a different school

Syava (Ukrainian JV missionary) giving a talk

Christy (JV missionary) & Yustyna (bottom left) giving a talk on Value & Personality

A Lviv TV station heard about EXIT and got some interviews for the local news!

Thursday’s follow-up event had 86 students show up!

Josiah Venture President Dave Patty wrote a blog post about Ukraine’s first EXIT Tour. I’ll let him tell you about what happened next.
“On Thursday night at 9:00 pm, while the Exit launch team was having dinner together, Nadya’s [Ukrainian EXIT Tour Coordinator] phone rang. Everyone was nervous when they realized it was the Department of Education calling.

“We received quite a few complaints from school principals today”, he began. Nadya caught her breath and braced herself for the worst. “They are upset that their schools were not chosen for Exit Tour, and are wondering how quickly they can get on the list for the next tour.” He went on to share that the program had been a huge success and that all of the secondary schools were interested.”

What an incredible answer to prayer! The Lord showed much favor to the Ukraine team. He is so good!

On Friday night, the team put on the EXIT concert at a venue in Lviv. Faith Child played a full set, the two partnering churches invited students to their various youth groups and programs, and the good news of Jesus Christ was proclaimed. 400 students attended that concert – many of them heard about Jesus for the first time. This is what it’s all about!

The team also invited the students to a follow-up event the next day at a local church. 70 students attended and had the opportunity to hear more about a relationship with Jesus.

EXIT Team getting ready for the big show!

Faith Child performing

Great production!

One of the JV Ukraine Fusion Ministry groups got to perform as well!

At the concert, the gospel of Jesus is shared

It was incredible seeing all of the photos and videos from the week of EXIT. God is opening up massive doors in Ukraine, and we can’t wait to be on the ground there helping pioneer this ministry forward with the team! If you want to check out more pictures from Ukraine’s first official EXIT Tour, visit the EXIT Tour Ukraine Facebook Page.

How To Pray
•EXIT Tour Follow Up: Pray for the JV team in Ukraine as they and the local churches continue to follow up with students that they connected with through EXIT Tour. Pray that students would repent and begin to follow Jesus with their whole lives.
•Funds: By the providence of God through churches and people like you, we are thrilled to report that we have surpassed our monthly need and are at 95% of our outgoing need. You can pray that the additional 5% of our outgoing need comes through quickly – once we have 100%, we will be able to buy our plane tickets!
•Leaving Well: The beginning of our training is quickly approaching. We move out of our home April 18th to depart for some training and life will no doubt be a blur from now until then. We return from training on Memorial Day weekend and will have just two weeks left in the States at that point. Please pray that God would prepare our hearts to leave. Pray that we would both be present in the time we have left and that we would be able to connect with family and friends. Leaving will be incredibly difficult, but we want to leave well so that we can fully enter into our ministry in Ukraine.

We have been so excited to share this EXIT Tour update with you because this is the specific ministry that you are directly partnering in with us. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for your continued prayer and support.

Katie and Lee Humerian

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