Wrapping Things Up

EVFree Fullerton Commissioning
On March 12th, we were blessed to be commissioned at EV Free Fullerton, one of our sending churches. The morning was dedicated to celebrating the work that God had done and continues to do through the mission trips that went out to Europe last summer. We were commissioned alongside of two other families who are also headed on to the mission field in Europe. One of the families’ oldest daughter went with us when we did our first English Camp with Josiah Venture in the Czech Republic. How amazing to see the seed God planted in both of our families through that trip. It was a sweet time to celebrate with EV Free Fullerton and to be prayed for.

100% Funded
By the grace and providence of God through the generosity of many of you, we have reached both our monthly and outgoing support goal. Join us in celebrating the Lord’s favor over our fundraising process! Thank you so much for your gifts, your prayers, and your advocacy. We are deeply grateful to have such an incredible team of co-workers in Christ’s ministry.

How To Pray
•Three weeks: We have three weeks left before we move out of our home for about 6 weeks of training. Pray that we will be diligent in the packing and preparation, and pray that God would help us to wrap things up well at our jobs.
•1st EXIT Tour fruit: Several of the students that attended Lviv, Ukraine’s first EXIT Tour are continuing to attend the local youth groups. Pray that the youth group leaders would be empowered to build deep relationships with these students, and pray that they would become disciples of Jesus.
•2nd EXIT Tour: Coming up on April 18th-21st, the JV Ukraine team will be running a second week of EXIT Tour in Lviv. There are still some logistics that need to come together in the coming weeks, and this time the team will be running the tour without help from other countries’ EXIT teams. Pray that the JV Ukraine team would have all the resources they need for the tour, and pray that they would have energy to plan, train, and execute the tour while they continue engage in their primary ministry-focuses. Pray for teenagers who will be at schools where EXIT tour will serve, that they will say YES to Jesus.

Thank you so much for praying with us for God’s movement in Ukraine. If you would like to engage in a guided prayer hour for Josiah Venture, consider signing up for the JV Pray room at http://josiahventure.com/pray.

God bless you all,

Katie and Lee Humerian

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