Preparing to Leave, Training to Go

April was a busy month! There were many late nights and early mornings full of organizing, packing, and finalizing documents. We both finished working at our jobs, shipped 20 boxes to Ukraine, moved out of our home, flew to Czech Republic to see an EXIT Tour first hand, then headed to Colorado for a four-week long training.

Katie’s last day at her job was Good Friday and Lee’s last day at Grace was Easter Sunday. Because Lee had worked at Grace Lutheran Church for over 7 years, leaving was a significant transition for him.

The following day, we packed up a couple trucks with 17 boxes and drove to a Ukrainian shipping company called Meest in Glendale. Several of our boxes had to be repacked, which turned 17 boxes into 20 boxes. Five hours later, everything was good to go and by the grace of God, we were given a discount on the shipping cost!

The next day, we moved out of the apartment that had been home for the last 3 1/2 years. We then hopped on a plane to Europe.

Saying goodbye to our home

Knowing that the next two months leading up to our departure would be packed, we spent three days on our own decompressing and recharging. This was significant for us to help close the chapter of our previous work and begin the chapter of our new calling.

Exit Tour
We spent the next week in Czech Republic tagging along with the Czech Exit Tour Team in Tábor. This was an invaluable time for us to see all aspects of Exit Tour. We learned about the history, heard the lectures in the classrooms, participated in the school assemblies, and saw the gospel shared at the concert at the end of the week. Everyone on the team was extremely welcoming and patient in answering our countless questions. Czech has been doing Exit Tour for many years, so it was great for us to see what the long term vision is for the ministry. We are so excited to get to Ukraine to be a part of what God is doing in and through Exit Tour there.

Divine Attraction during the morning assembly at a school

The theme for the English class was “The Great American Road Trip”
We are playing a warm-up game

One of the lecturers talking about social media and cyberbullying

A link to a short video from the concert at the end of the week

One of girls who was a part of the Exit Tour Team we actually met in 2014 at our first JV English camp in the Czech Republic with our high school team from EV Free Fullerton. She was not a believer at the time, but became a believer three months later. She now is an intern with Exit Tour and mentors and trains youth group students on how to share the gospel. How amazing to see God’s faithfulness!

We left Europe on April 29th and drove to Colorado the next day to start a four-week language acquisition and culture training at MTI – Mission Training International. It has only been a few days, but we have gotten to connect with many of the 38 adults and 16 kids. Everyone is from different sending organizations and going to many different places all over the world. It has been encouraging to hear stories and get to know other people in a similar place in life. Our first two weeks will be about language acquisition, techniques and strategy. The last two weeks will be about learning how to adapt and thrive in a new culture.

How To Pray
•We would love your prayer for our time at MTI, that we would have open hearts and minds towards the material. Pray that these 4 weeks would be spiritually and mentally revitalizing for us.
•Please pray that the relationships formed during the two Exit Tours this semester in Ukraine would flourish. Pray against any attacks of the enemy that would hinder these relationships.
•We officially have our departure date of June 14th and have purchased our flights! With this date approaching quickly, pray that God would continue to prepare us for this big transition.

We are so appreciative and grateful for your prayers! They have literally carried us to the place where we are at now. We are so thankful to have you as partners in this ministry!

Katie and Lee Humerian

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