May Recap

Missionary Training International
Our month of May was primarily spent in Palmer Lake, CO at Mission Training International (MTI). We, along with 38 other adults and 16 kids, took part in a 4-week training course called COMPASS to prepare for life overseas. The first two weeks of the program focused on different premises and techniques of learning a new language. MTI’s method showed us that the most effective way to approach language learning is the way a child does – by naturally “pulling in” language through listening and comprehension. They encouraged us to get out into our new communities Day 1 of being in the field and to even let things like running errands be an opportunity to practice the language and engage with nationals.

The last two weeks of MTI were more focused on the cultural, spiritual and personal transition that will take place when we move overseas. A few of the topics we discussed were conflict styles, stress management, spiritual growth and vitality, grief and loss, saying good goodbyes, and the way our frame of reference affects our interactions. All of these topics were hugely impactful for us as we prepare to move to Ukraine.

Yay Duck & Yuck Duck

The Paradox (Pair of Ducks)
One of the most impactful lessons we learned at MTI was called The Paradox, which is represented by the two rubber ducks above. The duck on the left is the “Yay Duck,” which symbolizes all of the good, positive, happy, “yay” things going on in your life. The duck on the right is the “Yuck Duck,” which exemplifies the bad, negative, upsetting, “yuck” things going on in your life. We learned about the freedom to speak in Paradox. Typically when someone shares a “yuck duck,” people around you can attempt to talk you out of it with “yay ducks.” Example: “Wow, it’s hot here.” “Well, at least it isn’t as hot as yesterday.” We learned about how especially through this next stage of life, we will be holding both yay ducks and yuck ducks in the same hand – and that is ok. An upcoming yay duck for us is celebrating the life of our second niece who will be born in July. A huge yuck duck to go along with that is that we will be missing out on her birth since we move in June. It is ok to process through both of those things at the same time, without diminishing either one.

Walking on the “Transition Bridge”

The Transition Bridge
Another lesson we learned was about the different stages of transition represented as a bridge. There are five stages on the transition bridge: settled, un-settling, chaos, re-settling and newly settled. There are yay ducks and yuck ducks on each side of these stages. The picture above shows an MTI member ‘crossing’ the transition bridge with the help of supporters alongside of him. He is currently in the chaos section, which were three exercise balls he had to step over. We will each cross this bridge at different speeds and each section will come with its own trials; but, it is important to not ignore the hard times and continually be abiding in the Father.

The 40 adults & 16 kids at May MTI are heading to 23 different countries

Gratefulness and Saying Goodbye
We are so incredibly grateful for our time at MTI. It truly was a gift from God and was an incredible month of learning and preparation after a hectic April. We met friends at MTI that we hope will last a lifetime. It meant so much to us to be surrounded by people who are all on the same journey we are. We are so thankful for the friends that we made and the friends we got to see who now live in Colorado. Saying goodbye to everyone at MTI was really tough and emotional, but it helped prepare us for our few weeks left in the states that will be filled with even more goodbyes.

We drove straight from Colorado to Palm Springs for a vacation with Katie’s family for a few days. We look forward to this every year, so there are definitely some yay ducks and yuck ducks there. We will spend a week with Lee’s family in San Luis Obispo County and then a week with Katie’s family in Orange County before we depart for Ukraine on June 14th. We are thankful that we get to spend this time with family, but it will also be tough to continue to process leaving. We are so glad to have been equipped with tools for this transition!

How To Pray
•Saying Goodbye: We want to say goodbye well to our family, friends and church families! Pray that we would be able to process the yay ducks and yuck ducks that come with saying goodbye. Pray for sweet times with family and friends and meaningful conversations and memories. “Brothers and Sisters, we do not want you to be uninformed about those who sleep in death, so that you do not grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope.” 1 Thessalonians 4:13. Yes we grieve, but we don’t grieve like the rest of the world because we do have hope!
•Check In: Pray that God would raise up a couple who can check in on us monthly through Skype. (If you feel like the Lord is leading you to do this or have more questions, let us know!)
•Jumping In: Pray that God would give us an attitude of being 100% all in the moment we land in Ukraine. Pray that we would be committed to language learning, making new friends, talking to strangers as we run errands, building relationships with those around us and listening to what the Holy Spirit is leading us to do. Pray that insecurities, fear, tiredness, homesickness and the enemy would not hold us back from diving in to Ukrainian culture, relationships and life.
•Our Apartment: Pray that God would provide us with an apartment with neighbors we can share the gospel with and become fast friends with. We are also praying it is close to our church, the JV office and a gym!

Our next update to you will be from Ukraine! We can’t believe God has allowed this transition to happen so quickly. Thank you for all the support you have given us- through texts, cards, prayers and dinners. We are so blessed to be doing this journey with all of you!

Katie and Lee Humerian

Preparing to Leave, Training to Go

April was a busy month! There were many late nights and early mornings full of organizing, packing, and finalizing documents. We both finished working at our jobs, shipped 20 boxes to Ukraine, moved out of our home, flew to Czech Republic to see an EXIT Tour first hand, then headed to Colorado for a four-week long training.

Katie’s last day at her job was Good Friday and Lee’s last day at Grace was Easter Sunday. Because Lee had worked at Grace Lutheran Church for over 7 years, leaving was a significant transition for him.

The following day, we packed up a couple trucks with 17 boxes and drove to a Ukrainian shipping company called Meest in Glendale. Several of our boxes had to be repacked, which turned 17 boxes into 20 boxes. Five hours later, everything was good to go and by the grace of God, we were given a discount on the shipping cost!

The next day, we moved out of the apartment that had been home for the last 3 1/2 years. We then hopped on a plane to Europe.

Saying goodbye to our home

Knowing that the next two months leading up to our departure would be packed, we spent three days on our own decompressing and recharging. This was significant for us to help close the chapter of our previous work and begin the chapter of our new calling.

Exit Tour
We spent the next week in Czech Republic tagging along with the Czech Exit Tour Team in Tábor. This was an invaluable time for us to see all aspects of Exit Tour. We learned about the history, heard the lectures in the classrooms, participated in the school assemblies, and saw the gospel shared at the concert at the end of the week. Everyone on the team was extremely welcoming and patient in answering our countless questions. Czech has been doing Exit Tour for many years, so it was great for us to see what the long term vision is for the ministry. We are so excited to get to Ukraine to be a part of what God is doing in and through Exit Tour there.

Divine Attraction during the morning assembly at a school

The theme for the English class was “The Great American Road Trip”
We are playing a warm-up game

One of the lecturers talking about social media and cyberbullying

A link to a short video from the concert at the end of the week

One of girls who was a part of the Exit Tour Team we actually met in 2014 at our first JV English camp in the Czech Republic with our high school team from EV Free Fullerton. She was not a believer at the time, but became a believer three months later. She now is an intern with Exit Tour and mentors and trains youth group students on how to share the gospel. How amazing to see God’s faithfulness!

We left Europe on April 29th and drove to Colorado the next day to start a four-week language acquisition and culture training at MTI – Mission Training International. It has only been a few days, but we have gotten to connect with many of the 38 adults and 16 kids. Everyone is from different sending organizations and going to many different places all over the world. It has been encouraging to hear stories and get to know other people in a similar place in life. Our first two weeks will be about language acquisition, techniques and strategy. The last two weeks will be about learning how to adapt and thrive in a new culture.

How To Pray
•We would love your prayer for our time at MTI, that we would have open hearts and minds towards the material. Pray that these 4 weeks would be spiritually and mentally revitalizing for us.
•Please pray that the relationships formed during the two Exit Tours this semester in Ukraine would flourish. Pray against any attacks of the enemy that would hinder these relationships.
•We officially have our departure date of June 14th and have purchased our flights! With this date approaching quickly, pray that God would continue to prepare us for this big transition.

We are so appreciative and grateful for your prayers! They have literally carried us to the place where we are at now. We are so thankful to have you as partners in this ministry!

Katie and Lee Humerian

Pray With Us May 1-7

Join The Watch
This year, Josiah Venture launched a prayer movement with the goal of having at least one person praying for JV ministries and missionaries every hour, around the clock, for 365 days straight via an online prayer room. Our JV Ukraine team will be specifically covering the week of May 1-7 in prayer. Will you consider signing up for a one hour time-slot of guided prayer? You can sign up for a prayer slot at

After signing up for your “watch” you will be led through an unfolding hour of personal connection with God and specific prayer requests from JV ministries and missionaries in 13 countries. Your prayers could change the spiritual trajectory of an entire region.

Will you join the watch?
Click Here To Sign Up

Wrapping Things Up

EVFree Fullerton Commissioning
On March 12th, we were blessed to be commissioned at EV Free Fullerton, one of our sending churches. The morning was dedicated to celebrating the work that God had done and continues to do through the mission trips that went out to Europe last summer. We were commissioned alongside of two other families who are also headed on to the mission field in Europe. One of the families’ oldest daughter went with us when we did our first English Camp with Josiah Venture in the Czech Republic. How amazing to see the seed God planted in both of our families through that trip. It was a sweet time to celebrate with EV Free Fullerton and to be prayed for.

100% Funded
By the grace and providence of God through the generosity of many of you, we have reached both our monthly and outgoing support goal. Join us in celebrating the Lord’s favor over our fundraising process! Thank you so much for your gifts, your prayers, and your advocacy. We are deeply grateful to have such an incredible team of co-workers in Christ’s ministry.

How To Pray
•Three weeks: We have three weeks left before we move out of our home for about 6 weeks of training. Pray that we will be diligent in the packing and preparation, and pray that God would help us to wrap things up well at our jobs.
•1st EXIT Tour fruit: Several of the students that attended Lviv, Ukraine’s first EXIT Tour are continuing to attend the local youth groups. Pray that the youth group leaders would be empowered to build deep relationships with these students, and pray that they would become disciples of Jesus.
•2nd EXIT Tour: Coming up on April 18th-21st, the JV Ukraine team will be running a second week of EXIT Tour in Lviv. There are still some logistics that need to come together in the coming weeks, and this time the team will be running the tour without help from other countries’ EXIT teams. Pray that the JV Ukraine team would have all the resources they need for the tour, and pray that they would have energy to plan, train, and execute the tour while they continue engage in their primary ministry-focuses. Pray for teenagers who will be at schools where EXIT tour will serve, that they will say YES to Jesus.

Thank you so much for praying with us for God’s movement in Ukraine. If you would like to engage in a guided prayer hour for Josiah Venture, consider signing up for the JV Pray room at

God bless you all,

Katie and Lee Humerian

EXIT Tour Ukraine LAUNCH!

On February 13th – 17th, the Josiah Venture Ukraine Team launched it’s first official week of EXIT Tour! This week was a huge answer to prayer for JV Ukraine. When the idea to bring EXIT Tour to Ukraine developed, there was a question as to whether the typically traditional Orthodox culture of Ukraine would even allow an evangelical organization into schools, let alone allow them to run a full-day program.

God was on the move, though! When the team contacted the Lviv School District to ask for permission to bring EXIT Tour to all 134 schools in Lviv (including 86 secondary schools), their request was approved! During the week of EXIT in February, the Ukraine team (along with some help from other countries’ EXIT team members) had a chance to prove to the district that they’d made the right decision with programs in 4 different schools.

Each morning, a band from the UK called Faith Child kicked off the school day with a concert. This took place in the gym and had students having a blast!

EXIT Tour kick-off at School 99, the largest school in Lviv
(Schools in Ukraine don’t have names, only numbers)

Another one of the morning concerts – great crowd interaction!

Concert at School 54

School 78 concert selfie!

After the concert, the JV team dispersed into different classrooms to give ethics talks on topics such as personalities and bullying. These classes provided teachable moments and opportunities for the JV team to build relationships with the students. The team also invited everyone to an after-school follow-up event at local churches as well as to a full-blown Faith Child concert at the end of the week.

Our friends Yustyna (Ukrainian JV intern) & Kristy (JV missionary) giving a talk.

Chris (JV missionary) giving a talk at a different school

Syava (Ukrainian JV missionary) giving a talk

Christy (JV missionary) & Yustyna (bottom left) giving a talk on Value & Personality

A Lviv TV station heard about EXIT and got some interviews for the local news!

Thursday’s follow-up event had 86 students show up!

Josiah Venture President Dave Patty wrote a blog post about Ukraine’s first EXIT Tour. I’ll let him tell you about what happened next.
“On Thursday night at 9:00 pm, while the Exit launch team was having dinner together, Nadya’s [Ukrainian EXIT Tour Coordinator] phone rang. Everyone was nervous when they realized it was the Department of Education calling.

“We received quite a few complaints from school principals today”, he began. Nadya caught her breath and braced herself for the worst. “They are upset that their schools were not chosen for Exit Tour, and are wondering how quickly they can get on the list for the next tour.” He went on to share that the program had been a huge success and that all of the secondary schools were interested.”

What an incredible answer to prayer! The Lord showed much favor to the Ukraine team. He is so good!

On Friday night, the team put on the EXIT concert at a venue in Lviv. Faith Child played a full set, the two partnering churches invited students to their various youth groups and programs, and the good news of Jesus Christ was proclaimed. 400 students attended that concert – many of them heard about Jesus for the first time. This is what it’s all about!

The team also invited the students to a follow-up event the next day at a local church. 70 students attended and had the opportunity to hear more about a relationship with Jesus.

EXIT Team getting ready for the big show!

Faith Child performing

Great production!

One of the JV Ukraine Fusion Ministry groups got to perform as well!

At the concert, the gospel of Jesus is shared

It was incredible seeing all of the photos and videos from the week of EXIT. God is opening up massive doors in Ukraine, and we can’t wait to be on the ground there helping pioneer this ministry forward with the team! If you want to check out more pictures from Ukraine’s first official EXIT Tour, visit the EXIT Tour Ukraine Facebook Page.

How To Pray
•EXIT Tour Follow Up: Pray for the JV team in Ukraine as they and the local churches continue to follow up with students that they connected with through EXIT Tour. Pray that students would repent and begin to follow Jesus with their whole lives.
•Funds: By the providence of God through churches and people like you, we are thrilled to report that we have surpassed our monthly need and are at 95% of our outgoing need. You can pray that the additional 5% of our outgoing need comes through quickly – once we have 100%, we will be able to buy our plane tickets!
•Leaving Well: The beginning of our training is quickly approaching. We move out of our home April 18th to depart for some training and life will no doubt be a blur from now until then. We return from training on Memorial Day weekend and will have just two weeks left in the States at that point. Please pray that God would prepare our hearts to leave. Pray that we would both be present in the time we have left and that we would be able to connect with family and friends. Leaving will be incredibly difficult, but we want to leave well so that we can fully enter into our ministry in Ukraine.

We have been so excited to share this EXIT Tour update with you because this is the specific ministry that you are directly partnering in with us. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for your continued prayer and support.

Katie and Lee Humerian

We Hit 100% of Our Monthly Need!

At the time of our last email update (January 27th), we were at 65% of our monthly need. One of our prayer requests in that email was that we would hit 75% by the end of January. However, in the email we sent out on January 10th, our request to you was a bit bolder: Pray that we would have 100% of our monthly need committed by February (which would be a gain of 50%). All the way back during orientation (beginning of October), we boldly prayed that once we started developing ministry partnerships we would raise 100% of our monthly need in 100 days.

God didn’t just provide us with 75% of our monthly need by the end of January, he provided us with 100%! We started support raising on October 30th and hit 100% on January 31st.

94 days.

Even with our boldest prayers, God did more than we asked for or honestly could even imagine! We are still in awe. Thank you for boldly praying with great faithfulness in our God. Join us in praising the Lord for His gracious providence!

What Happens Next
If anyone is still interested in joining our team financially, we are still accepting monthly donations. Any additional monthly gifts will go directly into our ministry account and be used to propel our ministry forward. There will be new projects related to EXIT Tour that will need funding (i.e. buying sound equipment for the concerts where the gospel is shared, ministry expansion, etc.), and any additional monthly contributions will go towards that. As far as our outgoing need, by the grace of God we are at 72%. This will grow as committed monthly gifts are received, but if anyone feels moved to expedite that with a one-time gift, you can partner with us financially by clicking here.

We will continue to build our partnerships with people and churches for both prayer and financial support. Just yesterday we were able to connect with a church in San Diego! Any church partnership may also open the door for potential short-term teams to come serve in Ukraine, which is really exciting and something to continue to pray towards.

Josiah Venture Prayer Room
One of the ways we have been growing during this support raising journey is through prayer. We have been challenged to pray boldly, to surrender this process to God, to praise Him in all circumstances and to wait for His provision in His timing and in His way.

One of the ways JV is entering into growing through prayer is through something called the Prayer Room. It is an online experience that includes being walked through different elements of prayer and current ministry requests from missionaries in all 13 JV countries. The Prayer Room exists to mobilize 365 days of 24-hour uninterrupted prayer for the youth of Central and Eastern Europe. To find out more about the prayer room, click here. You can also read about the Moravian movement that started a 24/7 prayer chain that lasted for 100 years! Click on the video below to hear about the JV prayer room and the Moravian prayer movement.

The Prayer Room – Josiah Venture from Josiah Venture on Vimeo.

Join the watch!
To sign up for the prayer room, create a username and password, then visit the calendar to select a one hour slot. For the hour, you will either a computer or a smartphone with just an internet connection. If you like to pray with calm background music, we recommend turning the sound on when you go through the hour.

How To Pray
•Partnerships: Please pray that God would guide us in developing partnerships with people and churches. We know God has specifically provided each partner we currently have. Pray for wisdom as we continue to share about JV and what God is doing in Ukraine.
•Busy Season: February will be a busy month for us. Lee will be on tour for a week doing sound for a band and we both will be participating in spiritual retreats on different weekends through Grace Lutheran Church. Please pray that those retreats will be refreshing and for times of rest in the midst of a busy month.
•EXIT Tour in Ukraine: Please continue to pray for the upcoming EXIT Tour in Lviv the week of February 13th-17th. Pray for a great partnership to be developed with the school district and that students would hear the gospel and turn their lives towards Christ.

Thank you so much for your prayers and for your financial gifts to Josiah Venture! We are so incredibly blessed to have you all as supporters on our journey to Ukraine. You all are our co-laborers (1 Cor 3:9) in what God is doing in Ukraine!

Katie and Lee Humerian

January Recap

Love Europe Celebration Evening
As some of you know, this past summer we led a team of 7 people to Odessa, Ukraine to partner with Josiah Venture and a local church in putting on a music and arts camp. Our team was one of 24 teams that EV Free Fullerton sent out as a part of an initiative called Love Europe. These 24 teams served in 12 European countries and 32 European cities – a total of 221 people were a part of these teams! The celebration night was a time to hear about what God did in and through these 24 teams and trips. Towards the end of the evening, we were brought up on stage along with 2 other couples that are preparing to head overseas into the mission field. They had us share where we are going and what we are doing before praying for us. This was a true blessing – we felt very loved and cared for by our EV Free family. To hear our story and others from the 24 different Love Europe trips, please click here.

Lee’s Last Phinehas Show
On Saturday, January 21st, Lee played his last show with Phinehas. He had been in the band for nearly nine years, so it was a bittersweet time to be sure. It’s difficult for him to step away from the ministry he’s been so passionate about for nearly a third of his life, but he’s so incredibly excited to be partnering with God’s movement in Ukraine! The best part about the final show was that many family and friends were able to attend and send him off well. It will certainly be a night he will never forget!

Lee performing at his last show with Phinehas

EV Free Missionaries In Training
We were privileged to participate in our first monthly meeting with fellow EV Free missionaries in training. It was a great evening of meeting other folks in a similar stage of life – developing partnerships, anticipating departure for the mission field, and preparing for a whole lot of transition. We shared stories, sang praise songs, studied a portion of scripture, and prayed for each other – it was a really moving night!

Training & Departure Schedule
Once Easter (April 16th) hits, we enter a very busy season. We will move out of our place, then fly to Europe on April 18th. After a few days of vacation, we will fly to Poland for some EXIT Tour training. We will then meet up with the Czech EXIT team to witness an EXIT Tour first-hand.

We fly home April 29th, get some sleep, then drive out to Colorado Springs for the beginning of 4-weeks at Missionary Training International. We’ll be doing language acquisition training, learning practical skills and preparing for building relationships overseas.

We’ll graduate from MTI on May 27th, then drive back to California. We’ll spend a couple weeks with our families and friends, then depart for the mission field in mid-June. It will be a busy couple months, but we are very excited for the work God will do in our hearts and heads!

How To Pray
•Funds: Without having this specific goal in mind, God has provided 25% of our monthly need each month. We have grown a lot in the practice of praying bold prayers! We are currently at 65% of our monthly need. Would you pray with us that God would provide an additional 10% by Tuesday, January 31st? This would bring us to 75%!
•EXIT Tour in Ukraine: The Ukraine team will be doing an EXIT Tour in Lviv the week of February 13th-17th. Pray for a great partnership to be developed with the school district in order to further the EXIT program. Also pray that students would have open hearts to hear the gospel and would get connected to local churches.

Thank you so much for your bold prayers! Your prayers do not go unanswered and God has provided in so many big ways! We cannot thank you enough for praying on our behalf. If you feel led by God, please consider joining our financial support team by clicking the “Giving Link” in the top right corner of this page. If you know others who might be interested in joining with us through prayer or finances, please feel free to give them our contact information or forward them this email.

God bless!

Katie and Lee Humerian

Thank You!

In our last email newsletter on December 16th, we had mentioned that we were at 43% of our monthly and outgoing need and we were praying for 50% by the end of the year. We are thrilled to say that God has provided through generous supporters and at the end of December 31st, we reached 51% of our outgoing need and 52% of our monthly need! Thank you to everyone who has prayed or donated towards our ministry through Josiah Venture.

Tour photo of all of the bands from Phinehas’ European tour

Ending 2016
Lee and Phinehas had a successful tour in Europe (20 shows in 21 days!) where they had the opportunity to share about the love of Jesus every night on stage and in interactions. Lee returned home from tour on December 19th and we were blessed to spend time with both of our families for the holidays. His last show with Phinehas will be Saturday, January 21st in Fullerton, CA.

Vision Trip
One thing we are looking forward to in 2017 is taking a vision trip to the Czech Republic in order to see an Exit Tour for the first time. We will be visiting the last week in April and will have the opportunity to go through training, see what the school programs are like, and experience the concert at the end of the week. We are excited to be able to see an actual Exit Tour before hitting the ground in Ukraine.

How To Pray
•Monthly Supporters: We know January can typically be a slower time for giving, but we are praying that God would continue to provide as He already has – in big ways! Our prayer in bold faith is to have 100% of our monthly need committed by February.
•Church Partnerships: We already have one financially committed church partnership and two verbally committed church partnerships. We would like to expand our network of churches that are able to support us through prayer, advocacy and giving. Pray that God would provide more church partnerships for us.

Thank you for praying with us as we continue to step out in faith. Your partnership means so much to us – we are incredibly grateful to have a team of supporters behind us in this journey.

God bless!

Katie and Lee Humerian

Praying for 50% by December 31!

The past few weeks have been filled with sending out support letters, meeting up with supporters and potential partners, as well as being overwhelmed with God’s provision! We are currently at 43% of our monthly need and our outgoing need! Praise God! There is a verse in Exodus 25 referring to the offering the Israelites brought forward for the tabernacle. The Lord said to Moses, “You are to receive the offering for me from everyone whose heart prompts them to give.” (Exodus 25:2) We are grateful for those whose hearts have prompted them to give. It is incredibly humbling and exciting to have partners say yes to God’s promptings and support what He is doing among the youth in Ukraine.

Breakfast with Teammates
On Thanksgiving morning, we hosted a breakfast at our house for the Josiah Venture Ukraine country director and four Ukrainians, each of whom are our JV teammates! It was a great morning of conversation, food, football and getting to know them and their respective JV ministries. We are looking forward to doing ministry alongside them and learning from them when we get on the ground in Ukraine.

JV Ukraine Team speaking at EV Free Fullerton’s College/Young Adult Service

JV Ukraine Team speaking at EV Free Fullerton’s College/Young Adult Service

Lee’s Tour
Lee and his band Phinehas have been on tour in Europe since November 25th. They are with 3 other bands on the tour (sharing a bus) – all of which are not following Jesus. It’s been a great opportunity to shine the light of Jesus! One of their stops on their tour was in Glasgow, Scotland where Tim Cheshire, the director of the Josiah Venture ministry EXIT Tour, lives. This is the ministry that we will be helping launch in Ukraine, and Lee had the chance to spend some time with Tim learning more about EXIT and hearing about the vision Tim has for the ministry. What a sweet time it was! Lee has 3 more shows left, then flies home December 19th.

Phinehas in London, England

Phinehas in London, England

How To Pray
•50% by December 31st: We are praying that God would provide 50% of our support by December 31st. Please join us as we pray boldly for God to prompt people’s hearts to give either monthly, one-time, or both.

•Good Wi-Fi: This might seem like a strange request, but Lee has had very poor Wi-Fi connections the last two weeks of his European tour. This makes it really hard for us to connect. Please pray for good Wi-Fi as he finishes out this tour.

•Salt & Light On The Road: Pray that Lee would be empowered by the Spirit to love and serve the bands he is on tour with. Pray for energy for him as he is not only playing in Phinehas, but also running sound for two of the other bands.

Thank you so much for your prayers! We could not do this without a team of people praying for this ministry, our marriage and for us.

If you would like to support our ministry through giving, just click the “Support By Giving” button below. All gifts to Josiah Venture made before December 31st will be tax-deductible for the 2016 tax year. And all gifts designated to our ministry will indeed go to our ministry.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!

Katie and Lee

Support By Giving

Christmas Market in Lviv, Ukraine (photo by Christy Owen)

Christmas Market in Lviv, Ukraine (photo by Christy Owen)

Josiah Venture Orientation & Support Raising!

It has been a crazy and exciting few months. We officially joined Josiah Venture as missionaries at the end of September and attended JV Orientation two weeks later at their U.S. Headquarters in Wheaton, IL. We joined 6 other Missionaries in Training (MIT) who are going to Czech, Latvia and Serbia. We learned so much about the vision, mission and values of JV, the structure of the organization, how to support raise and the theology of support raising. One of the most impactful things for us was hearing several Josiah Venture staff’s stories of how they got connected to JV, what it was like for them to serve overseas and the bigger picture of what God is doing in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our fellow Missionaries In Training at JV Orientation in Wheaton, IL

Support Raising
We officially started support raising on October 31st. We had the amazing opportunity to speak at Grace Lutheran Church, where Lee has worked for nearly seven years. We presented about the past short-term trip we did, as well as what we will be doing with Josiah Venture in the future. We received such great feedback and so much incredible support, encouragement and affirmation from that community.


Presenting at Grace Lutheran Church

Currently, we are at 17% of our one-time outgoing need of $50,500 and at 21% of our monthly need of $5600 ($2400 living expenses, $3200 ministry budget). This is a huge blessing! We can’t express how grateful we are to have such generous prayer and financial partners so quickly. Support raising definitely has its challenges, but at the same time, we are excited to build lasting ministry partnerships. We aren’t going into this alone; we are going with a team of partners that God has raised up. The process of building relationships with these partners through conversations and over dinners has been some of the sweetest times for us. Thank you for saying Yes to God’s prompting to support our ministry through Josiah Venture!

How To Pray
•Funds: Pray that God would continue to provide the remaining 83% of our outgoing need and 79% of our monthly need. Pray that we would be able to have great conversations with potential partners as we continue to send out letters, meet with people one-on-one and have follow up conversations.

•Lee’s band: Lee leaves on Friday for his last full tour with his band. It is a bittersweet season as the band has been a huge ministry for Lee for the past 8+ years. They have been a light to some really dark places. This last tour will be with three non-Christian bands. Pray that Lee would build strong relationships with these bands and have bold faith.

•Breakfast with Ukrainians: This Thursday morning, the JV Ukraine Country Director is flying into California with 4 Ukrainian JV missionaries to cast vision for the JV ministry, as well as to recruit interns, short-term teams and build a support team. Pray that this would be a sweet morning of connecting with our teammates and hearing about the movement of God in Ukraine.

Thank you so much for your prayers – we are so blessed to have you all as supporters on our journey to Ukraine. If you feel so led by God, please consider joining our financial support team by clicking the “Support By Giving” button below. Our goal is to be on the ground in Ukraine by the summer of 2017. But in order to do this, we have to reach 100% support. We would love your partnership as co-laborers (1 Cor 3:9) in what God is doing in Ukraine!

Katie and Lee Humerian

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